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A TTRPG Science Fantasy Module designed for Vaults of Vaarn and suitable for any amenable setting. 

Once hidden beneath the sands, this ancient arcology has emerged recently. Where once thousands lived sealed against their fears of the outer world, all that remains is a record of corpses. Poisoned by a fouled or dysfunctional air purifying mechanism, none who once dwelled in the city do so now. Whatever it was called is lost to time...

In the silent millennia since its sealing however, strange life has grown anew from those algal pools. But the treasures of so much knowledge have been occulted by a neurotoxin that spills from those vats, making the dome deathly to creatures which breathe air, and tantalising to those that seek the wisdom of the ancients.  


- Beautiful images beyond the 2nd dimension!

- Map to a forbidden trove of data

- Descriptions of the decadent folk of the last age of Urth

- And other unplumbed secrets of a long dead citadel


Secrets of the Toxic Citadel.pdf 2 MB

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